Dedicated Hosting Vs Shared Hosting!


If you wish to start your own business or want to start writing blogs, you will need to have a website. For creating and running a website, you need to be well acquainted with the idea of web hosting. Web hosting is a service which allows the posting of the web pages or websites onto the internet. This service can be availed by anyone, including individuals and businesses. There are different types of web hosting services provided by web hosting service providers. We will discuss the two types of web hosting services, namely, dedicated hosting and shared hosting, and their similarities and contrasting features.

Before we start discussing and comparing the two web hosting services, we will learn what the two web hosting services are and what they offer.

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting, or commonly known as shared hosting, is a service in which many users use the same resources. A single server caters to the demands of all the users using the same platform. The number of users can vary from a few hundred to many thousands. All the other features like the bandwidth, and the database gets shared among the users on the platform. An advantage of using this platform is that the cost of using the service also gets shared and one has to pay less as compared to other web hosting services.

Dedicated Hosting

When you avail the services of dedicated web hosting, which is commonly known as dedicated hosting, you are the only user on the server. What this essentially means that you have greater control over how you operate your website. Dedicated web hosting is availed when businesses receive a lot of traffic as compared to shared hosting. Dedicated web hosting comes with a lot of security and personal customization. With the following additions, and other too, the cost also gets more.




Shared hosting is cheap as compared to dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is affordable to the bloggers, and the new businesses which don’t have the amount of money required to avail their services of dedicated hosting. This is because the resources in shared hosting get shared with all the other users on the server. This is in striking contrast with dedicated hosting where all the resources are used by only one person.


You get to customize your own website when you opt for dedicated hosting. This is a feature which lacks in shared hosting. You have greater control over the configuration of the website, and consequently, on the overall operating system. In dedicated web hosting, you get to avail a large number of services along with many of the software. This is a great feature which you would not get in shared web hosting.


In shared hosting, your website’s security would be catered to by the web hosting service provider and the firewalls it installs. The security would be managed by the experts of the industry, thus, keeping the environment safe on the shared servers.

On the other hand, you will need to take care of the security of your website in dedicated web hosting. The responsibility of your web hosting service provider would be to only secure your server, while you will have to manage the security threats by yourself. However, there would be very fewer chances to get infected by the malware or other viruses as your company would be the sole user of the server.

Server Performance

Dedicated hosting is designed to handle all your demands of traffic. Even high or sudden surges in the traffic would be well accommodated and your website would not get affected by it. However, in shared hosting, a sudden spike in any of the websites on the server can and will affect the other websites on the same server. You may have to suffer for no fault of your own. In dedicated hosting, your server would be highly responsive and you will have an adequate amount of bandwidth, especially when you will need it the most.

Technical Skills

If you opt for shared web hosting, you will only need to concern yourself with content for running your website. All the other requirements would be taken care of by the web hosting service provider. The maintenance and the security would be taken care of by the staff of the web hosting provider.

In stark contrast to this, you will need to have your own IT and staff to do the technical stuff related to hosting. You will need to install, administer, and manage your server by yourself. Not only would this be costly as you would have to pay for the employees on a regular basis, but also time consuming for you. Thus, you should be prepared well in advance if you wish to have a dedicated web hosting plan.

IP Blacklisting

This is one important concern which many people fail to address. There are chances that search engines may blacklist your websites simply because of some other person on the same server as you are doing something deemed as illegal or is indulging in spamming. Thus, your hard work may go to waste if someone else does something bad if you are in shared hosting. However, if you have your own dedicated server, the only time that you will get blacklisted is when you or someone in your company would indulge in some illegal activity. Thus, you are liable to pay only for your actions in dedicated hosting; unlike in shared hosting where you may suffer for the bad deeds of others too.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we have discussed the different features of shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. Shared hosting is cheap, but it comes with problems of its own. In dedicated hosting, you get greater control over your website, but it comes with a cost. Dedicated hosting is costly in comparison to shared hosting. One should weigh in the features of both properly before opting for one of them.


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